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What a day.

 Days like today remind me exactly of why I hate leaving my house. I've been really sick with a sinus infection lately, and have also been dealing with a lot of personal problems which have interfered with my school attendance. My cousin is getting married in a few hours, so I went to the school's office to sign myself out in order to be able to make it in time for the wedding. I was nervous because sometimes the secretaries are somewhat rude, but I reassured myself that it would be fine and went anyway. When I told the secretary my name, she repeated my name and said that I was elusive. She then went on to complain about my previous absences, and I told her that I had been really sick and that I had been dealing with some personal problems which had prevented me from coming, but that the problems were in the process of being sorted out.

She said "Well, if you've been that sick, you must have seen a doctor and got a note". I told her I was unaware that I needed a note so I didn't have one. She tried to say that on the days I called myself in sick, I had been sitting on my school's front steps. I politely told her that I had been at home because I was really sick, and that when I am at the school, I don't even sit on the front steps because they're dirty and people spit on them. She said "Well then, you were standing on them" and I said again that I had been at home. She said "Well, I'm sure it was you" so I finally got a bit rude and said "Well, I'm sure it wasn't".

It just made me so angry to be told that I'm a liar when I was being honest. Especially because she has no idea of the shit I've been dealing with (mind you, she probably wouldn't care even if she knew). And I was really friendly with her and polite, so I did nothing to warrant her behaviour. I just hate people... so much...
 Nothing beats the feeling of completing a fanfic, in my opinion... even if it is only a one-shot. I'm quite pleased with myself at the moment :)

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